September 22- Gustave’s Assistant

Ever since I was little, and watched the show “Madeline”, I’ve wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. It’s always seemed like such a fantastic and beautiful landmark, and it is!

But we have built it up so much, that the idea, and the romance of the tower is what really draws people to it. Did you know that the tower was never supposed to be a permanent fixture in the Paris skyline? It was built in 1869 by Gustave Eiffel (well actually by his assistant, but I digress) for the Exposition Universalle. It was planned to be demolished after 20 years, but had grown so famous officials decided to keep it.

For me, a perpetual nostalgic and dreamer, the realization that something was saved merely because people liked the idea of it, thrills me. Yes the tower was surrounded by vendors and tourists. But we were all there together, enjoying the romance and idea of the tower. Call me cheesy, but I think that is the most beautiful part about the Eiffel Tower.


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